Monday, July 20, 2009

Mp3 Music Player

Things You Should Know About Creative Zen Mozaic 4 GB Mp3 Music Player

Executive Summary about mp3 music player by D. S. Oman

mp3 music playerI've had the Zen Mozaic mp3 music player 4 GB for about a week now, and I love it! It's very cost-effective for the tons of features included!

The radio signal strength is unimpressive, but a plus nonetheless, since many don't offer this mp3 music player feature. The radio antenna of this mp3 music player is built into the headphones. There is no radio reception at all. I love being able to set the song that I wake up to, and with the built-in speaker this mp3 music player works much like a cell-phone alarm clock.

Now, with this mp3 music player feature you can share a song with a friend without sharing your headphones. The speaker sounds of this mp3 music player better than I thought it would considering how small the device is. When they say 30+ hours, they're not joking. This mp3 music player has very impressive battery life. The whole thing is made of plastic and feels somewhat toylike. If you want a metallic feel, you'll have to fork out the extra money for a Zune or iPod, not this mp3 music player.

The headphones of this mp3 music player are pretty cheap. The music sounds tinny when you use this mp3 music player, but if you use nicer headphones, sound quality is good! My overall impression is that I am very satisfied with this mp3 music player. I don't use this mp3 music player much for videos, but the included software will convert videos to .avi format for viewing. The screen is a bit small for using it as a video player very often.

You can use with simply drag and drop. Audio quality of this mp3 music player is great with better headphones. And the interface of this mp3 music player is simple to use. The design of this mp3 music player is very sleek and unique.

If you're looking for a nice little player to give as a gift or just to stash in your pocket, this mp3 music player is a great choice!

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