Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shuffle Mp3

Most Noticeable Apple iPod Shuffle Mp3 1 GB Silver (2nd Generation)

Executive Summary about shuffle mp3 by Mark

shuffle mp3This compact shuffle mp3 player was always great for active users who enjoy working out, running or music listening on the go.

Apple's iPod shuffle mp3 finally has a higher-capacity big brother. New 2GB shuffle mp3 provides better capacity at a lower price per gigabyte. Enlarged capacity allows for more song storage and less swapping in iTunes. Compact and functional design for shuffle mp3. Great family of Apple accessories. Highly durable player.

iTunes also good for inexperienced shuffle mp3 users. Included in-ear headphones are great for a starter pair. Nice battery performance for long use. Great for those already used to iTunes. Apple brand and reputation for this shuffle mp3. Same great color options for shuffle mp3. Nicely integrated clip - No case needed! No drag and drop music control. No screen to view track names for this shuffle mp3. Still a premium price compared to competing players in total $ terms.

Proprietary dock / jack for syncing. No expandability for this shuffle mp3. This shuffle mp3 is difficult to control / select tracks via playlists. Competing shuffle mp3 products offer more features, including fm radio and voice recording. Limited native file format support in iTunes (MP3, AAC). Non iTunes fans are still forced to deal with software limitations. Size has always been the iPod shuffle mp3 is greatest asset. Big intuitive buttons make fast learners out of new users.

This shuffle mp3 unit works fine with no extra case, though there are still case options. Most competing players use a standard USB B port. Still a great shuffle mp3 overall design. The sound this shuffle mp3 unit produces is pretty good though not great. The absolute dollar cost is still a premium when you factor in features.

Research your options and choose the player that's right for you. Overall this shuffle mp3 is a good player at an improved price.

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