Sunday, July 12, 2009

Digital Mp3 Player

Coby DP-769 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame with Digital Mp3 Player & 2 Frames

Executive Summary about digital mp3 player by Damon Edwards

Digital Mp3 PlayerThis digital mp3 player product has served the purpose my wife wanted it to. One thing I wish I knew before I bought this item is it will not play mp3s and show pics at the same time.

This digital mp3 player does have one glitch that is not a serious problem. When this digital mp3 player unit gets warm from use, it will put lines through a picture every now and then. This digital mp3 player unit does not have internal memory of any sort. Jump drives are cheap and easy to use though!

Great Picture, Good Value, Poor Plastic, Program Quirks

Executive Summary about digital mp3 player by J. Holdahl

This digital mp3 player is easy to get up and running. This digital mp3 player unit goes into slideshow mode after power on automatically. Picture quality this digital mp3 player was excellent. Easy to put pictures on a memory card and have them show up. Recommend re-cropping your pictures to 16x9 aspect ratio so you get a full picture. This digital mp3 player Unit can accomodate std. 4x6 format as well, but will not fill the screen.

Great Frame For The Price

Executive Summary about digital mp3 player by J. May

I read lots of reviews on digital mp3 player products before I purchase them. To make a long review endless: This frame with digital mp3 player is perfect. This digital mp3 player supports most memory cards so you can load as many pictures as you would like. There are less than 8 buttons, all of which are clearly labelled, which makes my mom happy. She got digital mp3 player working in less than 5 minutes.

Coby Pocket Digital Photo Frame/Digital Mp3 Player

Executive Summary about digital mp3 player by LynnB

I absolutely love digital mp3 player. My cousin had one and I was amazed at how clear and sharp the pictures were on digital photo frame/digital mp3 player. After reading terrible reviews about others I was so happy to find one that not only gave me the quality pictures I wanted but was easy to use this digital mp3 player and did not break the bank.

I would highly recommend digital photo frame/digital mp3 player. Digital mp3 player is truly the new "Grandma's Brag Book" for the modern grandparent.

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