Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mp3 CD Players

COBY MP-CD521 Personal Mp3 CD Players With 120 Second Anti-Skip Protection

Executive Summary about mp3 cd players by Mogg Fanatic

Mp3 CD PlayersI bought this Mp3 CD Players about a anniversary ago and the anti-skip is abhorrent on it. It skips back you airing with it.

The complete affection of Coby Mp3 CD Players is poor. And Coby Mp3 CD Players lags back you try to skip tracks. The COBY Mp3 CD Players aggregation acutely does not apperceive how to accomplish a affection carriageable CD amateur and I am not actual blessed with my purchase.

Quality For The Amount / Points

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I got two of these mp3 cd players for my kids. This mp3 cd players assignment abundant and they are accessible for a 7 year old and alike the three year old can change the cd and acquisition his alternative on a cd. The complete of this mp3 cd players was reat for a assemblage in this amount point.

If you are attractive for a allowance for a adolescent you can't go amiss with this mp3 cd players one.

COBY MP-CD521 Player

Executive Summary about mp3 cd players by Donald Cole

This mp3 cd players is a abhorrent product. Back you about-face off the mp3 cd players, you charge abstract the batteries or they run out. To abstract the batteries, you charge use a knife back This mp3 cd players don't appear out with aloof fingers. The CD skips at the atomic jostle (not alike running). There is no admonishing that the batteries are active low. The CD aloof stops. Back you about-face the mp3 cd players off, it will not resume at the aforementioned place.

Not Bad For The Money

Executive Summary about mp3 cd players by M. Reno

I alone acclimated this coby mp3 cd players a few weeks until I purchased addition bargain MP3 player. Coby mp3 cd players does eat batteries appealing quick. But Coby mp3 cd players gets the job done. If you appetite to accept to MP3s, espically podcasts, I would say buy a GPX MP3 amateur from Kmart.

You don't accept to bake a MP3 CD you'll alone use once, and Coby mp3 cd players takes beneath batteries.

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