Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mp3 Player Car

Top Tips Of Soundfly SD WMA/Mp3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, Mp3 Players (iPod, Zune)

Executive Summary about mp3 player car by Darryl Pierce

mp3 player carI bought this mp3 player car with a specific purpose in mind using the RDS functionality. It is pretty impressive considering the low costs and RDS functionality.

This mp3 player car sound is good using USB and SD cards as your source. This is tricky. The sound of this mp3 player car is great when you use the analog input. I was blown away when I played my Sony MP3 player thru the input jack. This mp3 player car sounded great.

This mp3 player car is powered by a 12v cigarette lighter plug. When this mp3 player car unit, it is very clean, no hum at all. This mp3 player car is easier to use via the remote control, than the buttons on the unit. This mp3 player car unit has a very simple display that can be cryptic if you don't read the instructions. Most notable is the equalizer display which also doubles as a Volume Unit ( VU) meter.

You can save up to 7 FM freqencies in memory. And use the mp3 player car remote to scan the frequencies, pretty cool mp3 player car. This mp3 player car RDS is the feature I was most curious about. It worked with the SD card port too, which was a nice surprise. When you use a USB Flash drive, the flash drive sticks out and takes away from the compact form factor. The mp3 player car displays the name of the Song, track number and folder name.

This Transmission Range is the only area where I was dissappointed. The mp3 player car is advertised as a personal transmitter, and is probably not designed to transmit very far. This mp3 player car may give you 15 ft, but operates best within 10 ft of your radio. If Sound Fly would add just a little bit more power to this mp3 player car, it would be a great unit.

The sound of this mp3 player car is great on the Analog input jack, Sound is good using SD or USB input. Would I buy another one ? Yes.

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