Saturday, July 18, 2009

Portable Mp3 Player

Sony 8 GB Walkman Portable Mp3 Player

Executive Summary about portable mp3 player by J. Young

portable mp3 playerThe sound quality that this tiny little device generates is just amazing. When I listened to a track on this portable mp3 player was WOW!

I look for a portable mp3 player that gives me rich, crystal clear, high quality sound... with BASS! And this Walkman portable mp3 player delivers it. The equalizer on this Sony Walkman portable mp3 player is just perfect, as far as I'm concerned.

You can either select the presents that are pre-loaded in this portable mp3 player, or customize the frequency levels until you reach your desired sound. At 4GB, this Walkman portable mp3 player can hold approximately 900 songs if they are at 128 kbps in Mp3 format. As for the video player, the videos of walkman portable mp3 player don't freeze up or skip or anything like that, they play just as smoothly as what you see on your television screen at home. Importing audio, video, and images onto this portable mp3 player is pretty easy.

Simply connect one end of the USB cable to your Walkman portable mp3 player. The other option is to use Windows Media Player 11 to synchronize your files to your Walkman portable mp3 player. Walkman portable mp3 player may take a little bit of practice for some, but it's fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it. This portable mp3 player review is written specifically for the NWZ-A815 model.

I was VERY disappointed. I would recommend you invest in the Sony NWZ-A726 instead to get that superior sound quality of portable mp3 player. Summary for the Sony Walkman portable mp3 player: amazing sound quality, excellent Equalizer portable mp3 player, ridiculously long lasting battery, ultra slim design.

Has FM Radio. Great bass for Sony Walkman portable mp3 player! Memory not expandable. No voice recorder. This is an excellent product. I highly recommend it.

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