Friday, July 17, 2009

Mp3 CD Player

TEAC PD-D2610 5-CD Carousel Changer with Mp3 CD Player Playback

Executive Summary about mp3 cd player by R. Fleming

mp3 cd playerAfter reading the reviews, I am totally happy with this mp3 cd player. As one of the reviewers said, they are easy to hook up.

I wanted to make sure I had a CD player that would read my cd/r's - and this mp3 cd player do! No more crazy error messages for this mp3 cd player!! I haven't had the opportunity to check out any MP3 CDs yet. The price makes this this mp3 cd player a great value. Would recommend this item to anyone.

Good Mp3 CD Player as advertised

Executive Summary about mp3 cd player by A. Sharon

There are no special features for this mp3 cd player, but all the available features seem to do what they were supposed to do. No surprises good or bad for this mp3 cd player. It replaced another cheap mp3 cd player that I bought two years ago at Circuit City. The cheap mp3 cd player messed up the CDs and they frequently got stuck inside the player. It’s a good unit at a reasonable price.

Great Mp3 CD Player

Executive Summary about mp3 cd player by RP

I tried using a single disc dvd/mp3 cd player. It was such a hassle always having to change the disc when one ended. I did look at 5 disc dvd/mp3 cd player, but the units were bulkier and too deep for my stereo cabinet. So I was quite pleased to find this TEAC mp3 cd player. We love being able to load 5 discs at a time, hit the "Play" button just enjoy hours of hassle free music. The fact that mp3 cd player also plays MP3's is a bonus.

Great Mp3 CD Player Product

Executive Summary about mp3 cd player by Ronald Watson

This mp3 cd player product is great. But I wish the manual would say if mp3 cd player is ok to leave in stop mode instead of having to manually turn off at machine. Even better, put on/off on remote. But overall this mp3 cd player is a great machine.

Excellent Mp3 CD Player

Executive Summary about mp3 cd player by New Orleans

Had carousel cd player for 5 months. Great sound, quiet operation for this mp3 cd player. Seems to able to read all discs (no disc err).

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