Saturday, August 1, 2009

512MB Mp3 Player

SanDisk Sansa Shaker 512 MB Mp3 Player Tips And Guide!

Executive Summary about 512mb mp3 player by D. Reynolds

512mb mp3 playerFor $40 you get a basic 512mb mp3 player, a small lanyard with clip, a pair of headphones, USB cable, instructions, mini-CD, and AAA battery.

This 512mb mp3 player unit is completely self-contained. The 512mb mp3 player can be used with one or two pairs of headphones. You can 'lose' the headphones and still enjoy your music through the built-in speaker. When I hold this 512mb mp3 player in my hand, I can contour the sound coming from the speaker by aiming it different directions.

This 512mb mp3 player is small enough that it is dwarfed by any portable CD or cassette player. The 512mb mp3 player easily fits in my man-sized hand so that my thumb and fore-finger can touch. This 512mb mp3 player simply requires a single AAA battery. Some folks might not like to change batteries. The 512mb mp3 player is easy to pack one of these 'shakers' along with a flashlight for each family member going camping.

This 512mb mp3 player is a big feature for me. My palm uses SD cards. My camera uses SD cards. My player should use SD cards. An SD card is about the size of a postage stamp. This 512mb mp3 player might easily appeal to the non-techie and senior adult population. The 512mb mp3 player has not tiny buttons, miniature screens, or confusing menu's to navigate thru. The 512mb mp3 player is very simple.

There's a blue light ring around the on/off-play/pause button. This SanDisk Sansa 512mb mp3 player continuously blinks twice a second to signify when the unit is playing. Let 512mb mp3 player pause long enough, and the unit turns off. This SanDisk Sansa 512mb mp3 player unit plays in alphabetic order.

It's loud enough that I can use it. If you hold the speaker close enough, you can hear a 'hiss' present. I give this 512mb mp3 player 5 stars for simplicity in design and ease of use.

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