Monday, August 3, 2009

Tune Free

Cellular Innovations Tune Free FM Transmitter For Mp3 Players

Executive Summary about tune free by Samir R and E. Fritz

tune freeI was hesitant to buy tune free fm transmitter, but I'm pleasently surprised ! Transmitted Music from my laptop to my home theatre system, which is about 5 meters away.

When I hit pause on my music, I hear absolute silence .. tune free fm transmitter is amazing ! No hiss. Great tune free fm transmitter basically. I'm keeping tune free fm transmitter although it has it's draw backs. No digital controls or display, frequency is selected using a a set of switches according to the combination.

Packaging feels kind of cheap. No fancy electronics in there to condition the audio input. Tune free fm transmitter is lightweight and works really well. Tune free fm transmitter is nice and simple to use. I use tune free fm transmitter on 12 and 14 hour drives. Tune free fm transmitter works on the Touch and most of the other Ipod types. Neat little transmitter. Otherwise, I still love it.

Awesome Tune Free FM transmitter

Executive Summary about tune free by Naveen Ramaiah and M. Lamm

I replaced a $8 piece of junk with this tune free fm transmitter and I made a awesome choice. Connected this tune free fm transmitter to my computer and I am rocking crystal clear songs from my stereo system. This tune free fm transmitter transmits clear waves, static-free tunes. This tune free fm transmitter is definitely a 5-star product and worth the money. This product comes with a 1-year warranty also. It has a very bright blue light.

I have not tested the battery life as yet. But if you have rechargeable AAA batteries, don't even think twice to buy this tune free product. If you are not bothered about having short cord, this tune free product is awesome in all ways. Instructions are also crystal clear and you will figure tune free out.

The reciption is very clear and you can take it anywhere, very small and lite. Great for using tune free fm transmitter with your home stereo.

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