Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mp3 FM Transmitter

Choosing Monster iCarPlay Mp3 FM Transmitter For iPod Is Simple

Executive Summary about mp3 fm transmitter by Andrei Bolkonski

mp3 fm transmitterWhoever said that there are 8 presets must be thinking of some other device. You only have 3 presets here for this mp3 fm transmitter.

But you define them yourself from the whole FM range, an you can always deviate from them. I find this mp3 fm transmitter powerful enough in most situations. This mp3 fm transmitter is probably the best you will get. Drive around the suburbs, though, and this mp3 fm transmitter can easily find around 3 stations that will play almost as well as your CD player in terms of quality.

The secret to this mp3 fm transmitter is to set your iPod volume somewhere around the middle to upper two-thirds of its capacity. If you set this mp3 fm transmitter to the maximum, all bass lines will be completely distorted. Set this mp3 fm transmitter to the middle, though, and you'll have rather crisp audio. The marked price is far too high. You can find a much cheaper mp3 fm transmitter on eBay, or even in the Amazon marketplace.

Some types of music sound distorted even this mp3 fm transmitter at medium volumes on a lot of the stations. Beside it, just about every song in this mp3 fm transmitter I played sounded clean. Although sometimes a given station for this mp3 fm transmitter would encounter pockets of interference. Given that a more powerful transmitter would probably end up messing up the radio reception of neighboring cars. I'm prone to think that this is an inherent problem to all mp3 fm transmitter.

I think this mp3 fm transmitter is one of the better ones. Though, because of its preset options, this mp3 fm transmitter is ability to scan the whole FM range, the fact that it doesn't drain your iPod's battery, and the fact that you can manipulate your iPod volume on mp3 fm transmitter for better performance.

If you have no other option available, I think you will find this mp3 fm transmitter to do a good job. Just do yourself a favor, and find a cheaper source.

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