Friday, July 24, 2009

Mp3 Player USB

Understanding 8 GB Mp4/Mp3 Player USB with FM Radio, Camera, Voice Recorder, And 2.8-inch Touchscreen

Executive Summary about mp3 player usb by A. Hauptman

mp3 player usbFor 8 gb mp4/mp3 player usb, It's awesome. I'm not very technically savvy, but it was so easy to figure out.

The manual is clearly written, which was unespected given the fact that it's a Chinese Model. I have a broad taste in music, so with this mp3 player usb I can organize by genre, then by artist and by album after that. This mp3 player usb does. I can import the music in the folders as mp3 player usb is organized on my computer. So easy!

I love that mp3 player usb is expandable by memory cards. The mp3 player usb screen has a great picture quality. You can read any book in a text file on this mp4/mp3 player usb while you're listening to music...Super Cool! A few people complained that when they plug mp4/mp3 player usb into their computer, it's reads as two devices. The screen is not super sensitive, which I suppose is both good and bad.

It's expandable by SD cards. This mp4/mp3 player usb has a function to tell you how much space is left on both. Which is helpful if you want to fill mp4/mp3 player usb with as a many files as possible! The games for this mp4/mp3 player usb are ok. Not great, but ok. I might look into adding more games onto mp4/mp3 player usb. As far as I've been able to tell, there is not a shuffle option.

For now, that 8 gb mp4/mp3 player usb is my biggest peeve. One of my complaints is that the stylis they send can't be attatched to the player anywhere. But 8 gb mp4/mp3 player usb does come with a rubber sleeve for the player. So for now I've just slipped the stylis into the sleeve between 8 gb mp4/mp3 player usb and the player.

Overall, this is a great player for an even better price. I would definitely reccommend 8 gb mp4/mp3 player usb to friends and family!

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